Masterclass med Daryl Upsal- How to develop a fully integrated fundraising programme

Välkommen till Masterclass med Daryl Upsal- How to develop a fully integrated fundraising programme
Datum: 2018-04-26 - 2018-04-26
Tid: 9.00-16.00
Plats: Quality Globe Hotel
Pris: 2990:-

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Äntligen en Masterclass för dig som är erfaren insamlare, insamlingsansvarig eller insamlingschef! Dagen efter insamlingsforum håller Daryl Upsall för första gången i Sverige denna uppskattade Masterclass. 

Priset för masterclassen är 2990:-/person. Anmälan är bindande men kan överlåtas till annan medarbetare. 

About the masterclass:

Despite the call to “end silos in fundraising” being around for many years it is still the case in many organisations that each fundraising channel or track works in isolation from the rest. For example at what point does the corporate partnership team work with those leading the face to face fundraising programme to maximise the opportunity to recruit new monthly donors. Where does telephone or “talk fundraising” sit within the overall integration of donor recruitment and donor loyalty in most non-profits? Does digital operate in a cave on its own or within an entirely different department? Do you take your donors and a journey the builds their long term loyalty, commitment and ultimately increase their life-time value to your organisation or are they treated as cash-cows to the cause? Only if your build a fully integrated fundraising programme that works in step with your communications and programmatic work will your organisation become a “love brand” with donors that will commit to supporting for life. In this session we will take you on a journey that will show why and how to build a fully integrated fundraising programme.
Focus: cross discipline/ cross channel fundraising
Target group: Fundraising Directors, senior fundraising team managers/leaders
Learning outcomes:
• Why fully integrated fundraising is not a luxury but an essential need for any organisation
• What is meant by “integrated fundraising”
• Why full integration leaders to not only more donors but more loyal and generous donors
• How to create a culture of internal and cross team/department collaboration
• Why non-financial engagement of supporters builds loyalty and generosity
• Examples from around the world of successful integration
Session style
• The session will be an interactive combination of sharing, teaching, participation and group work.

About Daryl Upsall:

Daryl has spoken at fundraising conferences in over 20 countries and writes regularly for the leading non-profit sector journals. He is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Fundraising, former Chair of EUConsult, and former Vice-Chair, Center for Fundraising Innovation at the Association of Fundraising Professionals responsible for education & professional development.

He is the founder and co-owner of Spain’s leading telephone fundraising agency, The Fundraising Company SL and the face to face fundraising agency International Fundraising SL raising funds in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. In Spain alone, these agencies have raised over $1.15 billion USD for NGO clients over the last 13 years. In 2016, he and colleagues launched the integrated digital fundraising agency dgtl fundraising SL.

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